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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical payments?

Medical payments coverage can help with medical expenses if they’re caused by a covered accident — regardless of fault.

Uninsured motorist coverage?

Uninsured motorist coverage covers the costs of your bodily injuries — up to your policy limit – when they are caused by an at-fault driver without any auto insurance. Underinsured motorist coverage picks up the costs of your injuries when an at-fault driver has some insurance, but not enough to cover your all of your damages.

Collision coverage?

Collision coverage can help repair your vehicle if it’s damaged — or compensate you for its value if it’s a total loss.

Rideshare Insurance?

Added coverage for rideshare drivers with companies like Uber and Lyft. There’s a good chance your personal auto policy excludes coverage when you’re logged into a rideshare company’s app as available to accept rides.

Liability insurance?

If an insured person is legally liable for an accident, Liability insurance coverage pays for injuries/death and property damege to people involved in the accident other than the insured driver.

Comprehensive Coverage?

If your insured vehicle is damaged due to an event other than a collision, Comprehensive coverage will pay for the damage. This includes damages from fire, theft, windstorm, flood and vandalism. If your vehicle is stolen, Comprehensive covers transportation and loss of use expenses when applicable.

Bundling discount

Home Insurance

Another major discount is bundling. Bundling insurance policies is when you have multiple types of insurance from the same company. Bundling your home and auto insurance saves an average of 19%.

Renters Insurance

or HO-4 policy insurance is specifically designed to protect people living in apartments. These policies cover your belongings from loss or destruction from specific perils.

Business Insurance

We offer fast price indication, fast quote turnaround times. Not to mention great rates and multiple payment options. New ventures are OK.

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