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Looking for an insurance company that offers hassle-free, affordable, and quick surety bond purchases? Look no further! Our online service provides the best solution for all your bonding needs. With just a few clicks, you can instantly obtain your bond certificate online. We pride ourselves on making the bond purchase process easy and convenient for you. As a trusted partner, we work directly with government and licensing agencies, ensuring that a certified copy of your bond is promptly mailed to them. Experience the convenience and reliability of our services today!

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Contract Bonds

Required by government or private entities for project-based work, contract bonds play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations. At Cover Today Insurance, we understand the significance of these bonds in safeguarding your interests. From bid/proposal bonds to performance and payment bonds, as well as supply bonds, our comprehensive coverage provides the support you need. Trust us to protect your assets and provide peace of mind throughout your contractual obligations.

License & Permit Bonds

Some businesses, such as health clubs, liquor distributors, and auto dealers, are legally required to purchase a surety bond in order to operate. At Cover Today Insurance, we offer License & Permit Bonds for these specific industries and more. Ensure that your business meets the necessary requirements and protects itself with the right surety bond coverage.

Miscellaneous Bonds

Cover Today Insurance offers Miscellaneous Bonds that are designed to meet your unique insurance needs. These specialized bonds, such as public official, workers’ compensation, utility deposit, and self-insurers bonds, fall outside of the other categories listed. With our expertise and dedication, we provide comprehensive coverage for these specific bond types. Trust Cover Today Insurance to protect your business and provide the right solutions for your miscellaneous bond requirements.

Federal Government Bonds

Some federal government agencies, such as immigration, freight broker (BMC-84), and alcoholic beverages, accept or require surety bonds. Cover Today Insurance offers comprehensive solutions for Federal Government Bonds.

Probate Bonds

Probate Bonds, required by a probate court, are essential for individuals acting as executor, administrator, personal representative, guardian, conservator, or fiduciary. At Cover Today Insurance, we understand the significance of these bonds and offer comprehensive coverage tailored to your specific needs. Trust us to provide the necessary protection and peace of mind as you fulfill your important responsibilities.

Fidelity Bonds

Cover Today Insurance provides Fidelity Bonds, also known as business services bonds, to businesses looking to safeguard themselves against employee dishonesty or theft. While not mandated by any government agency, these bonds are purchased by businesses as a proactive measure.

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